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Thursday, 11 November 2021

Victor Osimhen : I did receive contact from Manchester United, but I felt I was not ready to be on the sidelines

If you'd gone to Manchester United, you'd have had butt sore because you'll never make it on the field. Most especially you'll be frustrated. My brother, better stay in Napoli and keep improving yourself, Don't try it my brother, if you come to Man Utd, you not only seat on bench your bench will carry sit belt. To be honest he took the right decision. Look at what happened to Van De Beek and Sancho, we all know how good they were at their former club.

Victor Osimhen : I did receive contact from Manchester United, but I felt I was not ready to be on the sidelines

Boy don't go that club for now continued and stay where you are valued ur career is still fresh and strong don't go where they will end up killing it now.Even though u Become d number 1 striker in d world plz avoid man u, I love this comment Victor, we love the way you're playing now please stay where are, I love you bro. Right now there are no striker at manchester united like osimhen.he is going to be a one of the best in the world.

He is young needs to grow and Napoli is the right dimension for him to get one of the best forward player in 5/6 years time.Big European clubs like Manchester United want African players to do miracles while they praise average players like Shaw , Grealish & Maguire to name the few, I'm a Manchester united fan but I would advise you don't bother coming to Manchester united because your bench is already reserved. Don't come ooo!That ole na dumboooo wey no sabi use players, but as a Chelsea fan, I support him till 2050.

Man this comment are very savage and actually true no one wants to join man united any time soon even haaland won't agree to join man united at this times,Perfect decisions going there will be mean to risk your career u better stay and improve,Bro run since you have sighted it on time if not bench will be ur name.

He feels he's not good enough to fight for a place in an elite football club like Manutd... Whatever you think about yourself sticks with you.Could be worse:- it could have been a Barca contract with a billion buy out!That's where you could have been, warming their bench, you made a right decision brother.Simple, you have a big dream man.... leave Manchester United b4 there kill your career.Had did been you accept that contract eh, na we for beat you.

You're very right bro, that's just the truth you did very well for not accepting the offer, I'm United fans though, Been in a big club without playing as a first choice is a disaster to the player and gradually you will die of......Nice decision Bro, yes thats the right spirit, jadon and donny are wasting their talent. If you try am Victor!!! You go join Van de beek and Sancho for bench and you con be black man join.

Brother don't go please we need more of your performance and we want you more than Ronaldo, If them tell sancho that him go dey Bench rn e no go believe am, Smart boy.... You’ll defend the Bridge and slay the Devil when the time comes.England competition need pace,,,,, that why R. Lukaku have problems with chelsea, That's the best decision ever!
Only Arsenal and Chelsea will give you that opportunity to show yourself. Man u is a racist club.


  1. Good decision! That club that hates BLACK Africans! Dont try it please

    1. Don't waste your time
      To go there man
      A lot of players are already want to get out from that shithole