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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Farooq Kperogi Narrated What Happens In Igan-gan city some years back

That is a word for my Yoruba Muslim brothers and sisters... On that night time after they visited the town and unleashed mayhem at the peace-loving Yoruba inhabitants and slaughtered greater than 50 humans, the majority of whom were Muslims, in cold blood, neither Farooq Kperogi nor Ishaq Akintola uttered a phrase; don't forget Igangan! Ask urself why might Kperogi leave his own people of Baatonu in Kwara state with their non-secular and other issues and try to instigate division amongst Yoruba people, if now not for a sinister purpose.

Farooq Kperogi Narrated What Happens In Igan-gan city some years back

Farooq Kperogi's publishes coincided with a piece of information posted via Igbere tv of a few two hundred ISIS warring parties getting into Nigeria. Do u think they came into Nigeria for a picnic All of the actions and preparations are geared closer to overrunning Yorubaland and different locations in southern Nigeria So, they want to instigate a department amongst united peoples ahead of the deliberate invasion of the land in order that indigenous people wouldn't rise up as a bloc, to guard their land. 

Take into account Igangan! Reflecting on Igangan well-known shows that the 'do gooders' aren't sincere but are handiest inquisitive about taking over our land. These people "crying extra than the bereaved" are conscious that Yoruba Muslims are not allowed by the Fulani (once there may be a Fulani a few of the worshippers) to lead prayers in Yoruba land however they might not communicate approximately that Keep in mind Igangan! On the floor, the most intently knit ethnic institution in Nigeria nowadays is the Fulani. However, a pal of mine, a Fulani from Zamfara had this to mention Do u need to inform me that farm animals rustlers are Ibo or Yoruba? No. 

They are fellow Fulani If a non-Fulani wants to interact in livestock rustling, he cannot be triumphant due to the fact he does not realize a way to communicate with the animals.No human society is best There may be a little discrimination amongst Christians; it additionally exists among Muslims. Amongst whites, there is discrimination simply because it exists amongst Asians. Take into account Igangan! igan-gan is an example of what is probably to occur in Yorubaland-extensive if we are not united and properly manage our so-referred to as variations. The professional trouble expanders are continually there searching out approaches to transform minor disagreements into major crises.