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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo Scored His 100th United Goal

He is and has been the protagonist of the most important leagues in the world because his football is efficient discipline talent competitive spirit professionalism This guy just hasn't aged at all For a minute I honestly thought these pics were more recent till I noticed our Pat on Cristiano's back. He'll be playing well into his 40s.

Cristiano Ronaldo Scored His 100th United Goal

How exactly does he help the team if you score equalizer against a team Untied should've beaten comfortablyHe hasn't helped the progress of this team, at that time, this was the best version of CR7 in his career, he was not a goal machine, neither a target man nor a team striker, at that time he was the successor of david beckham and he played as a midfielder in his favorite sir alex 442 classic formation, he had strength ,skills, talents, speed and high-level skills as a runner and dribbler, but as a midfielder he was also adept at scoring goals through cut inside situations, solo runs, long range shots, free kicks, belief in the executioner's penalty and optimal in position exchange schemes. with rooney & tevez as strikers.

Stop depending on the past glories, teams like City and Liverpool are far much ahead of us currently. Think of how you can employ a better coach and competing with those top Premier league teams currently. Ronaldo and Cavanni Partners at the helm More work in the half court More defense work Technical direction, game reading, player rotation in half court but always playing with 2 forwards. Partners and companions in the attack Cristiano Ronaldo and Edison Cavanni.

Cristiano Ronaldo Scored His 100th United Goal

I love seeing Liverpool fans cry. It s my daily medicine weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. That is the only reason I m still alive, I was born to enjoy and love their failure Am tired of Manchester and historical data make this carrent talents be talk of the town the team I sinking slowly be careful.

And a day before this day (yesterday), he couldn't help his team qualify automatically in a group that has Serbia, Lithuania and some other countries I do not know their names Anyways, you can't win everyday CR7. You don try