Varane’s record of never losing a European final continues.

Varane’s record of never losing a European final continues.

I am so glad that our United French players are winning trophies with their national team as under Solkjaer at United, they are not going to win anything. We'll done to Varane, Pogba and Martial.
If you think that we will challenge for PL and CL with Ole in charge then you are a stupid as your comment, Um champions league and Premier league coming. Are you a bin d***** by any chance .

Yeah thats ok but what about the team who pays his wages and now he is injured for god knows how many games when we need him the most typical. There's a first time for everything and soon he's gonna taste some under that clueless manager back at the club.

Varane didnt do anything . This hollo player cant defend ..attackers score.. varane is becoming a horrible defender.. even walked out in this final . 
Didnt do anything.
 This man don't fit well in united squard, how can we replace Ferdinand, Won’t need to worry about loosing that record with us fat chance of getting to one.

Wait for united to reach the finals of Europa league this season and see if he will continue winning, Lucky he wasn't in the europa final... Still want to kick de gea...the whole villareal scored pass him.

 England still waiting..with france italy belgium argentina and brazil in top form maybe they will have to wait a longer time more..Yeh but if we ever get to a final now, Ole will put him on the bench, He’s first European final loss will most likely come at United (if they reach one).

That's how your country's coach working out tirelessly towards it_but it's totally different with your Utd's coach, I concur but Ole as manager of man utd, he has already lost carabao cup and more still to come, what’s the injury update on varane, will he be fit for next man u game?