Uruguay have suffered back-to-back lopsided defeats, losing 3-0 to Argentina and 4-1 to Brazil. - TechPaga

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Friday, 15 October 2021

Uruguay have suffered back-to-back lopsided defeats, losing 3-0 to Argentina and 4-1 to Brazil.

Uruguay have suffered back-to-back lopsided defeats, losing 3-0 to Argentina and 4-1 to Brazil.They are down to fifth place in CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying.

But that doesn’t take anything away from what these two have done alongside one another for more than a decade.Together until the end.

Still there are no easy games in this qualification or Copa. Always there is the battle it you have an off day or more than that it is gone. If the topteams have 1 or 2 of days in euro qualifying there always be the games against Lithuania, Andorra, Gibraltar and so on.

despite their good players they still suffer huge defeat to Argentina and Brazil.

Uruguay have an elder coach who cannot stand by his feet !!Why they don't replace him for a new one with a new foundations to build a full project I thinks their manager still stack himself with no fresh philsophy and tactics.

they need to find young generation players, they can’t just rely on their current squad. most of their players are already old.

remember the goals Cavani banged against portugal in the world cup. They played one two with suarez..Suarez Had to keep the waiting for Cavani to drive into the box then crossed the ball onto Cavani's heard-bang Goal. 

Lionel Messi having 750+ goals whilst playing this deep for most of his career is not talked about enough, Well done Brazil n Argentina I wish Uruguay do not qualify for 2022 showpiece!!!

If Uruguay doesn’t qualify for the 2022 World Cup then this could mean that both Cavani and Suarez won’t play any other World Cup game, 

Still that doesn't change the fact that there are 48,100,203 kangaroos in Australia while Uruguay has a population of 3,462,000… So if the kangaroos decide to invade Uruguay,each Uruguayan would have to fight 14 kangaroo.

That Uruguay team needs an overhaul, it's about time the next generation of young players come in. Suarez has cheated all his football career diving, handballing, elbowing and biting opponents. Cavani is nothing like Suarez except being national team mates.

They can never made it to the world cup.
What they did to Ghana is now crying on them. The Lord is paying them . Am not from Ghana but I cry that faithful day.

suarez owes africa, i love the guy but what he did to africans on that Ghana vs Uruguay match will forever pain us. That is why you can never compare any football players to cr7

Suarez and Cavani are one of the greatest Uruguayans to grace the pitch, At least they won't have to play Argentina and Brazil every time, so they should still make it to the WC.

The day CR7 played a team wic is not Latvia, Lithuania, Andorra, Faroe Island.... This is wat he offered.I don't understand this team what's the issue

You have Suarez and cavani yet no impact almost like have Ronaldo and lewandoski and not win matches is the midfield that bad.

These two have been immense for Uruguay by the numbers of goals they have both scored for their country, How many teams are supposed to qualify from the south America group.