Keylor Navas: "Goalkeepers need a separate Ballon  from the rest of the players.

Keylor Navas: "Goalkeepers need a separate Ballon from the rest of the players.

Keylor Navas: "I think goalkeepers need a separate Ballon d'Or from the rest of the players. At this rate, goalkeepers stand no chance of winning the Ballon d’Or, because people only care about the number of goals and assists and they never ever care about our saves."
Exactly what I have being saying, create the awards for GKs, Defenders, Midfielder’s and Strikers, it’s hard to fro Defenders and GKs to win such awards. Brilliant observation. They're also players in the field and they also contribute much during matches.

 And it's true. A review has to be made. As it stands, only strikers would be crowned best players. The rest would just be best goal keepers, or best defenders or best midfielders. Well it's obviously so because Messi and CR7 singlehandedly hijacked the award for years. So you can imagine.

totally with Navas. I remember 2002, where Oliver Khan almost won but The big Ronaldo came from behind to win it simply on of goals like Navas put it. Pls they should ve their separate Ballon d'or.

That's very true, even if u are a defender u a not considered as much as the Strikers nd midfilders. I think it wud be best if they had the ballon d or for the best Goal keeper.Seriously, with all the effort mendy gone through to win champions league. He’s not even in the list.

always think the same. You can't say RONALDO or MESSI are better than SERGIO RAMOS, because RAMOS is better than them as a defender and likewise to RONALDO/MESSI are better than RAMOS as a striker, that's 50/50 So BALLON D'OR should be awarded base on 11 wings position.

I think there is the yachine trophy for gollies. Ballon d'or is meant for that unique player that outshines every other player individually. Everyone can have a good game in their own position but there always that one player that you can't take your eyes off.

I share your sentiment great goalie. U wander why there should be an individual award in a team sport's.I would rather prefer the best award for every position in the filed. No be lie.....tap in merchants are taking all the glory.....leaving the goal keepers and defenders unnoticed.

Yes good example is Kane who won both epl golden boot and play maker(top assist provider) and still didn't qualify for ucl,uel and even uefa con.league because of poor goal keepers and defenders.If not that he can finish above jorginho in ballon d'or ranking.

I truly concur with you dude.. the goalkeeper's hasn't gotten the fair share of honor's in the round leather game in the past and present.. it's high time the needed acknowledgement be given to this unsong heroes.

Philip Lham once said Balon d'Or should be abolished. It should stop at FIFA best awards where the best 11 players or best players per department are awarded for being the best in their positions and I think it makes a lot of sense now.

I support your idea, when you look at all this so called winners you find out that only thing that make most of them exceptional is just they score more goals than others, and FIFA forgets to understand that they shared the work, keeper cannot leave his goal post and go for goals. Even those scorers most of there goals even come true tappings and penalty and as if they worked more than others.

Absolutely correct... There should be best forwards, best midfielders best defenders and best goalkeepers awards.. the ballon d'or is making others feel irrelevant and useless..He is very right Until you are goalkeeper one-day, you will never understand.

Its true Navas, but its not d fault of football world, tackles interceptions and save send some people mad but a goal set d whole world mad, that's why players on score sheet are considered first, that is, a goal sends more joy in d world of football than any other thing.
It's a perfect thought of u navas tins should be done appropriately without sentiment goalkeeping is different from being a player so it shud also be done among does goalkeepers.
Pure word, came from original source, balloon d"or, for goal keeper supposed to be different , that is a great totally cheating in world of football! If the goals & asisst is counted why goal kepers saves is rejected!

But my keeper A. Becker can score and assist. He assisted Salah against United previous season, ND scored a thunderbolt header, that decided our fate in UCL las season. So u can as well start doing that.

People who support this motion understand football less, at the end of every game we have a man of the match, how is this determined, it's a team work and the most exceptional team player needs special recognition irrespective of positions, it's a thing of talent and dedication+ determination.

The dou Ronaldo and messi have been incredible and ahead with thier achievements breaking all time records daily and thrilling the picth all the wayYou are very right. They can't look at the saves made by goalkeepers but at goals scored by strikers. This is unfair.

support this post with 1 black goat, 4 tubers of yam, palm wine and colanuts They should also create missing chances dor for players like Timo Werner and Anthony Martial .

Oil dey your head, 💯%Truth,y are they giving ballon d'Or to the goal scorers? Are they the only players on the pitch? What about the good goal keepers, strong defenders, strong mid field players that can't score, tell them to reconsider them too.

It doesn't matter, do your thing bro and your success will still speak for you, if they have to do that for keepers defenders will surely demand there own and so on. You are very correct.
Most times the focus is on attackers/midfielders. I don't know if they forget football is a team game!

Absolutely... Time to upgrade this beautiful game called football... Goalkeeper has been neglected so much that it becoming as if they are not part of the game. If that pans out, next week then ramos is going to come with the same story about defense  then the week after that Bruno Fernandes also gonna come with the same story for assist an so on an so on it goes then at the end of the day they need to make balon d'or for every position.

I think dey need to look into the ability of the keepers too, the saves, ball distributions, and trophy won. Not only goal goal goal by strikers, think if Ronaldo and messi retire, they we consider others players and dey we also av more opportunities to win the Ballon d'or.

evry position really need there balon dor from defense to midfield and to the strikers every position on d field needs there own balon dor.You are very right. They can't look at the saves made by goalkeepers but at goals scored by strikers. This is unfair.

 I like how objective people have become simply because the poster boy CR had a normal season if not bad.... that aside i thought there are awards for golden gloves, then best defender, best midfielder, top goal scorer do they not serve that purpose..... we cant rule out that footballing is about goals so that bias will always be there.

have the same thought.... Balon'Dor should be separated. Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers should have different awards. Lumping them together is a deservice. I'll totally agree with you navas, that's exactly what i have been saying all along. I guess even the 2014 balloon'Do' was robbed n it Should have been for Neure

If it is to remain as it is , comparison shd be btn saves made versus goals scored. I believe strikers will be out of the race.We need ballon d'or for the basic positions in football: keepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards. football is now all about the number of goals and we forget that it's a team game and needs not be individualized.

We need ballon d'or for the basic positions in football: keepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards. football is now all about the number of goals and we forget that it's a team game and needs not be individualized.

They probably need to join hand/basketball competitions then compete with them but Neuer uses both hands and foot in games will join footballers lol,Yes i think such awards for goal keeping should be encourage. This is a good idea. Those in charge should really think about it