I fouled Kaka and he put his hand on my throat and we had a fight - Ryan Giggs

I fouled Kaka and he put his hand on my throat and we had a fight - Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs: "One day, I fouled Kaka and he put his hand on my throat and we had a fight. After the game, I found him waiting for me with Gattuso. He told me that Kaka wanted to apologize but he can't speak English, I told him that there is no problem and no hard feelings. After Gattuso translated what I said to Kaka, he came to me and hugged me and apologized again. We exchanged our shirts, I will never forget that day.
I had to be a linesman at the weekend, having flagged a player offside I was called  and various other names.The player came up to me at half time and again at the end of the match to apologise, both times I told him it was fine, that it’s left on the pitch and thanked him for the apology.

Sometimes our emotions can get the better of us.
What happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch how football should be. Nothing wrong with opponents getting fired up with each other or showing passion for the sport, something that is missing In every sport today.

Outside pitch Gennaro Gattuso was a gentleman with no dent, never any legal issue throughout his careers despite his aggressiveness in the round leather game. Yes! He understands English language, been married to a Scottish woman of Italian descent and having played for Scottish team Rangers during his youthful years from 1997-1998 and sometime in his career in Milan, he returned to Rangers to regain fitness after an injury sustained. I think with all this, Gattuso qualified to be a mediator and interpreter between kaka and Giggs.

I was there in the tunnel that day, this definitely happened. Afterwards, we all went for a beer at Salford Quays and Jesper Blomqvist got the first round in.For me what i know Kaka went to school he did accounting his parents ddnt want him to play football cz his family is rich, so am supprised by saying he can't speak English.

 He was waiting for you with who Gattuso I am sure you were afraid, you said no hard feelings because Gattuso was going to kick you down and anyone in Manchester United I loved him even though I support Manchester United.

Naturally, if I were Giggs and saw Kaka and the "General" together waiting for me after a match I knew I fouled Kaka, I would have been terribly shaken even before anyone starts talking Gattuso is still my midfielder "bone crusher" of all time.

So basically the Gattuso translation was the reversal of his most famous quote, can just see him in the tunnel saying 'sometimes maybe shit, sometimes maybe good' to Giggs by way of apology.

I was scared wen I read to the point " after the game, I found him waiting for me with Gattuso" ...omor I bin think say na "hard day to die" wan follow.... Gattuso wey once jacked his coach and gave him a hard face brush because he was substituted in a match....I really miss dz guy.

Good story.. this kind of thing underage players should be shown.. things can get heated on the pitch sometimes and that's ok as long as that's where it stays.. and it shows great respect to apologise in the end. But kaka speaks good English than any Brazilian. Even when he won the world best, he chose to spoke English not not even Portuguese.

Wen I hard kaka and Gattuso waiting for me, my heart flies Gattuso keeeh waiting for someone na fight b dat nau. Lesson don't b too fast to condem or judge. Gattuso is making peace. You are not a soccer lover if you have never gotten angry or fight on the field of play.. Kaka is a gentle man but the round leather game is another spirit entirely.

And you have Roy Keane saying he doesn't like the hugging and shirt exchanges at the end of the game. Which planet does he come from. Even boxers hug each other after beating one another to the pulp for 12 rounds.Then Gattuso told Kaka how I slept with my brother’s wife and he got so scared that he wanted to apologise”

By why Kaka choose Gattuso? If it’s were for me I see them together waiting for me, I could have taken another turn and run. Gattuso was real trouble unless I knew I had back up from my team mates. Thought he was waiting for him with Gattuso to finish Giggs off.I'm relieved.

Absolute bullshit, KaKa has spoken fluent English since his early teenage days. I met him at Celtic Park and his English was outstanding, same season as picture above. This is respect! This is what football was a decade ago. This is what is missing. The tought fight between teams, fouls asulting and so one…and at the same time the huge respect! Those times were really great!

It brings tears into my eyes for your memories. Thanks to you Giggs for accepting Kaka and thanks to Kaka too for creating the room for forgiveness and friendship .Good sportsmanship.

Lack of apology have broken so many relationships caused by pride and arrogance. Sometime you have to apologize and tolerate to keep relationship alive. Apology is a symbol of the strong not the weak. Great. That's the spirit in the game of football. I hope those who are active in the game of football should emulate this spirit of love to one another.

Seriously Kaka is quite different from some of Brasilia players,he actually showed his love for God more than any other thing,a player with heart of humility,i believe he was loved by every other club fans for his life style,more love to you Rikado Kaka. This would be a really good story if Kaka didn’t speak pretty much perfect English, so it’s clearly untrue.

Kaka is a star to the core.He is a star extraordinare. Super humble. He is a star that loves and practice what his religion teaches.that reminds me,when on the occasion of his world player award of that year,while responding to the award he turned the stage to a pulpit by acknowledging that it was God and that by his(Kaka)

assessment, he was not worthy of the honour done to him.he concluded by dedicating the award to his team mates, and above all to God.was humbled by this unparalleled show of humility by this world class star and like Giggs,that incident has remained an indelible sermon to me.that being a world class celebrity does not make one more human than others.

What it doesn't mention is that giggzy jumped on the next plane out to Milan and gave kakas Mrs a smashing. Before his retirement from football, Ricardo Kaka made it clear that he will be a pastor...I really liked him and his style of play...That 2007 UCL semi final against Man U.

The character & attitude during the action participants involve the emotions cause every one wants to be the winer of the day but in social behavior things are different, When i read that part "i found him waiting for me with Gattuso" i thought he will say i ran back to Sir Alex for protection.

As soon as the name Gattuso appeared, I thought the story would have taken a drastic turn… Great gesture from Kaka, however bringing Gattuso as translator may not seem a lot different from bringing Mike Tyson..Richard kaka.. Respect for you my for football mentor and A.C. Milan our great team.

Kaka met the right person to settle the fight with!
Gattuso? You either accept the apology or nothing! Kaka is a good christian, gattuso is a real gentleman! Most of the stories I have read about him off the pitch shows he is a good man too.