Cristiano Ronaldo: “I have achieved so many beautiful things in football.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I have achieved so many beautiful things in football.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “I have achieved so many beautiful things in football that I don’t have any dreams left."If you ask me 'do I want to win the World Cup?' Obviously! But if I would end my career right now, I would be very proud.”You would be proud of what you have achieved. Even we are also proud of being a fan of yours. 

Please dont retire now... we really enjoy watching you playing football. You are the real master. You make this sport really interesting and entertaining... I think You and your country team still have a great chance to win the next world.

When you retire, football will got no meaning to me again. How I wish you can stay like a decade more, nevertheless, with you tube, am a little bit contented, that's after you retirement.An inspiration, in and outside the field. The only pacesetter of football.

Your age doesn't make you less of anything! You're the same in the field 10 years ago, no difference! To you, age is just a number! Just stay please! Soccer is you, you are soccer!.

Passionate guy,no player in this world 🌎 can ever be like you bs you are one in a billions man..everything with a passion. I found you in my heart as a man like you.most greatest ever king 👑 CR7 .

That to me is an admission that the world cup is out of reach for him. This reinforces the fact that nomatter how good an individual may be, if you don't have quality around you you're going to be limited. Well done for what you have achieved.

 I can't wait to see what await Ronaldo and Messi after football. Life after football. Imagine conquering the world before 40years. that's highest level of success. First class citizens on the face of the earth.

Is a lie. Your dream is to win equal number of individual awards as Messi, unfortunately you've ran out of steam to achieve that.

The world cup is coming to portugal come 2022.d goat will deliver it as his last n parting gift in international football.we believe ur fighting spirit n winning mentality is lyk dat of the boxing greatest fury.

To win the world Cup it not compulsory for any players.. The biggest thing is what Ronaldo had inspired many youngstar around the world. He already win two major trophy from UEFA nations for his Country.. Many youngstars specially from India 🇮🇳 they become footballer and Ronaldo is their idol.. And they said now we get life.

It's the only trophy that he does not have but all others he has already, he came to the world of soccer to be the best and he is best no doubt about it.

U are a proud dude....U remain fantastic...a jinx breaker..greatest player of the world....we respect u forever...so humble u are...

No more dreams left? Sounds like the passion has left. How about winning another Premier League title? Or, first World Cup for Portugal? Maybe he sees the writing on the wall....and the twilight is here. He should be very proud of his career though.

Ronaldo the great when you stop playing football it will be the end of an era. Am proud of all you have achieved so far.

Have you ever dreamt of winning the trophy that comes after every 4 years? I mean olympics. The one you are thinking is out of your reach. Not your cup of tea. You cant even come closer to win it.

Your love makes me stronger, your hate makes me unstoppable What a succesful life. U deserved it through ur dicipline n hardwork, very much sure coz you e achieved a lot no cup, trophy or individual aWard have u not collected ,in short u r the best -the greatest of all time in football.

I am worried if you stop playing football, who will be our choice?? May be i will stop watching soccer game, have seen so many players who have won the world cup but the world has forgotten about them..Ronaldo will forever remembered for what he has done in the world of football...the footsteps are boldly written.

wonder what we will be watching after u leave pls just stay a little more coz zi think ur retirement might mean me losing interest in watching football as well.

You have actually done perfectly well as a single player. And your achievement alone is enough aspirations for many football prayers. And so I agree with you... If you resign now, there's no call for alarm, We don't have enough words of appreciation to the happiness of football you brought to us you made this game to be attractive you inspired many youths of this generation no matter what's happen now whether you retire or what you are the only soccer.

With or without winning the world cup! u re simple the best and an inspiration to the next generation of footballers and also a good and dedicated role model to ur fan's worldwide. We love u CR7.

am a Messi fan but the one of the greatest ever is being real. Even if he doesnt win the world cup its fine. This guy has achieved what almost all the world cup winners will never achieve. Oya retire. Already your brother, Fanandez, is getting frustrated and you are his beef.

bro soldier go soldier come barrack still remain, so do said this before , pele time Ronaldo time and Many other good player and then Ronaldo and Messi took over  once they leave too another person go still take over but it can only take time.

don't want that day to arrive... I don't think I'll be watching live game again if u retired...
For me it will watching most of your games on YouTube. C.R7 you still have a chance to win the world cup.Without you football will never be the same. I'll be waiting for 10years to witness CR7 JR.. after your retirement.

Hmmmm, well, you have tried so much but the club you have chosen to be playing right now will send you to retire before even the time you wish, World cup trophy is a dream but your dreams are valid,France are going to win it.

CR7 is the winner by heart n u can c him entering the field of play he got dat fire he want 2 score goals even score it he want it more he is the best n will remain the in front of his supporters in the world, You can't have everything in lifeYou have done enoughEven those that won the world cup, still have something missing in their cabinets i am proud of you.

He is Done everything before hell Covid19.. only we are remaining never achieve anything to proud  while covid19 accompany us .. things get tough  and times too short. Just retire without anly World Cup award even World cup mendla, it will be useless in football history, just try one go and gate World cup award if u can affort it.

I thought he would have played in the Bundesliga and french league before he retired..Instead of returning to the epl, I wish this guy knew that he is the reason why I still play soccer. U has don the best man even the world cup itself is also looking for u to huge.

World cup is not everything. Many players have won it but they are no where close to Ronaldo and they know it themselves. Cr7 u are GOAT of all time, Portugal for world cup trophy 2022 🏆 I'm with you regardless my country Just win it then your name will reign for millennium's.

Man has achieved almost everything. What record again is there to break. You don't have anything else to prove.U made me begin to have interest in watching football...& i join & become your fan in any club u move to...from Man u-R.Madrid-Juventus & back to Man u.

3 things left. Owning a football club, being a referee and being a manager. Those are the 3 things you have to achieve. To be sure nothing is left. Of course you want the IFFHS Best playmaker award and Golden ball but you'll never have them. It's only for Messi.

people won Grammy awards consecutively and still did not become the best artist 
I don’t know y people think awards make you the greatest, I hope u know dat ballon d'or is won by voting nd many times is wrongly giving to d wrong person.

No it's not he is just being humble and realistic because not all players win the World Cup. He is saying if it happened he didn't win it he will still be proud of what he already won currently.

remember back there in his club, to an extent he is used to his Co players, but back in his country home, players are selected at random, is like hit and run, most players save their legs for their clubs.

IF Ronaldo would have played for same team, Barcelona for 20 years , he would have win the balloon d'or 15 times at least, look at Messi on PSG 1 goal in how many games. Messi only won because he played at Barcelona which had players same level of him like Niesta, Shavi etc,.