Top Scorers And Assists After 17 Champions League games

Top Scorers And Assists After 17 Champions League games

Goals after 17 Champions League games:
Erling Haaland - 21
Lionel Messi - 6
Cristiano Ronaldo - 0
it is very very unfair comparing aging Messi and Ronaldo who are gradually parking their bags to bid farewell to football with a player that is just starting life in football.

This comparison is very very unfair. When Messi and Ronaldo were at their peak scoring over 50 goals a season. That is when this comparison should have been made.

But, since they all represent different generations. I will advice this comparison be done between Haaland and up and coming stars in his generations, eg Mbappe, vinicius Jnr, Rashford, Joia Felix, etc

It is a complete disrespect mentioning Ronaldo and Messi with baby Haaland. 

Instead this caption should have been Lewandowski Champions league goals tally within the period mentioned with that of Messi and Ronaldo. They all fall under the same generation and they are all in their thirties.

Stop comparing youngsters to their idols. Messi and CR7 have their names in history book, youngsters are wishing to get there. Let the future determine it.

 CR7 was a midfielder and wasn't a striker and a goal poacher. Different roles then on the pitch of play.  Haaland is a beast. He should just be consistent that's all. Great Lad.

I love how well he’s performing but let’s be real. Both Messi and Ronaldo weren’t playing as number 9s. Ronaldo was a tricky winger and Messi in a similar situation. I hope he continues because he’s becoming one of the best goal scorers already.

One of the best center forwards in the present football history. He's the future Cristiano Ronaldo. Erling Haaland And Ronaldo went 35 UCL games without scoring but still ended the highest scorer and assister. Haaland will be better than Ejbar Lord that's for sure.