Have Good Spirit And Stay Focus On Your Dreams

The purity of your focus must be clear. People in your life should be able to know you with your dream and have a possible idea in how far you want to go with it. Your consistency and persistency must be seen by all. Nothing guarantees failure in life like instability and loss of focus.

Have a good spirit

The deal with your capacity to wait and ride gently with time. It must be seen by all that you’re not wasting time. And that you’re not in a hurry, but you’re ready to do that all that is required of you with all carefulness and excellence till your vision speaks.

Do not portray your dream like one cheap idea that can be achieved with anything. Anybody , anywhere and anyhow. Create an atmosphere of excellence around your dream and yourself and men will respect you for it. There’s something in man that repel mediocrity but everyone get attracted to excellence.

Set higher standards therefore for yourself and people running with you. Do it make cheap decisions/donations because you’re starting small. As people see your committing excellence, their respect for you also grows. Your commitment to excellence must be unbendable.

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