Have God’s Purpose In Your Life

God’s Purpose is not hidden to those who are in Relationship with him. Being born again grant us unhindered access to unto all that is God’s. As you walk and relate with him, Things begin to unfold, you begin to come in contact with his will for your life until a confidence and assurance of faith is built in you.

Purpose of God

Hardship abound in this world today because talent gifting. Leadership. Platforms, influence. Money , fame, politics power, beauty, wisdom and technological advancement are being deployed.and abuse by self driven men who are motivated by pride and ambition having an idea of God purpose for their lives and for those resources.

Thus muse making a mess of something beautiful because of the ignorance that is in them. If you have dream please let it be linked to God purpose for your life. Spend your life to build things that will last.

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