Focus On Your Dream To Lead You To The Right Way

Great effort and investment were made by these men, they came up with great buildings plan mobilized men for the project and made real progress with the building but the project could not be completed because it was a project again the plan purpose of God.

Focus on your dreams

It’s good to dream but please let’s your dream be the exact reflection of the will and purpose of God in your life do not be involved in building things that lack God support and approval.

There is a purpose behind your existence, there’s are something definite that God want to bring out in your life. Discover that purpose and make it your dream. Make it your pursuit in life.

Beloved. Something is written in the book concerning you long before you are conceived in the womb. There’s a purpose already designed for you before you were born. The real dream that attract the support of God is that centers on his will and purpose for your life.

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