Airtel WinBack Offer Activation Code And How It Works

Airtel WinBack Offer Activation Code And How It Works

What is Airtel WinBack Offer?
 Airtel WinBack is a new package offer that rewards both new and old customers that have now not done any chargeable interest in the ultimate 15 days or extra with the subsequent:

How Airtel WinBack Offer Works

Eligible clients will enjoy the following offer:

  1. · Pay N100 and Get N2000 Bonus
  2. · Pay N200 and Get N2000 Bonus + greater 200MB
  3. · Pay N500 and Get N6000 Bonus + extra 500MB

How To Enjoy Airtel WinBack Offer

Eligible customers can enjoy in WinBack offer below by dialing the following  Ussd code: *241*7#:

Airtel WinBack Price and  validity.

Rate cost Validity

  1. N100 N2000 30 days
  2. N200 N2000 Bonus + 200MB N2000 for 30 days. 200MB for 3days days
  3. N500 N6000 Bonus + 1GB N6000 for 30 days. 200MB has come  for 3 days

Get Free MTN Awoof Data On Your MTN Sim 2020/2021

Get Free MTN Awoof Data On Your MTN Sim 2020/2021

Get Free MTN Awoof Data On Your MTN Sim 2020/2021

This is every other new method on how you may get mtn data plans 2021 and it’s nonetheless work for current 2020 which we're about to talk about how this works and the way you can get free data plan out of your mtn sim without any strain.

It’s the holiday length most of the people are at home and we adore to live linked to the net which we result in get statistics for there self you can use this article to get free mtn data in case you are an mtn legitimate user with some terms and condition attached to the process.

Required To Get The Mtn free data 2021

  1. you need MTN Valid SIM card.
  2. The Mtn Sim need to be at the Mtn Beta communicate plan.
  3. It’s need to be a sim that’s  already on Beta Talk tariff package. 
  4. Then follow the hints below.

How To Setup And Get Mtn Free Data 2021/2020

  1. Insert your valid mtn sim into your phone.
  2. It have to be on mtn beta communicate tariff plan.
  3. Visit your telephone e-book and dIal .Dial the code *131*4# On Mtn Sim.
  4. The code is used to test your balance.You could additionally use the code *556#.
  5. When you test you will be given the mtn free records worth of 1GB plus.
MTN Vistor's Sim - Everything You Need To Know

MTN Vistor's Sim - Everything You Need To Know

MTN has added a new SIM service called Visitors SIM, that's geared toward presenting foreign site visitors into Nigeria with immediately get admission to the new MTN network with fewer rigors and better services than the roaming offerings.

What's MTN Visitor Sim?  MTN Visitor’s SIM Plan is a tariff plan available to only foreigners and visitors during their short stay in Nigeria. Only visitors coming into the country for a short stay or passing through the airports can use this plan.

The vacationer SIM comes preloaded with an attractive package that consists of neighborhood and global calls and data bundles. This package deal will permit people traveling from different countries to stay connected with their buddies, family, and commercial enterprise associates on MTN’s excellent-speedy community.

MTN traveler SIMs are easy for inbound worldwide site visitors to acquire, prompt, and use, in addition to which they provide far higher cost than any roaming tariff. No longer available from any other operator, the provider is poised to deliver comfort and the first-class-in-magnificence consumer revel in step with MTN’s logo promise.

Consistent with Adekunle Adebiyi, chief sales and Distribution Officer, MTN Nigeria, “the new visitor SIMs will make sure that earlier than placing foot out of doors the airport, people touring Nigeria can plug in, reconnect – to cherished ones, associates, gear and statistics, and start sharing their superb stories, without a difficulty about roaming charges.”

MTN vacationer SIMs are available in the arrival halls of global airports and different ports of access. They are valid for 14 days, which can be prolonged as much as 30 days via MTN’s self-provider menus or usa.

Benefits of MTN Visitor’s SIM Plan

The plan offers voice, data, and roaming services to foreign visitors at a better and more affordable rate:

Bundle Price And USSD Activation Code

  1. 7 Days Special Visitor’s Bundle N5,000
  2. 100 Local minutes /SMS
  3. N2,000 for international Calls/SMS
  4. 5GB data.
  5. Validity: 7days

  1. *131*90#
  2. 14 Days Special Visitor’s Bundle N10,000
  3. 220 Local minutes/SMS
  4. N4,500 for international Calls/SMS
  5. 12GB data
  6. Validity: 14days
  7. *131*91#

New Method To Earn Free MTN Points On MTN Pulse 2021

New Method To Earn Free MTN Points On MTN Pulse 2021

New Method To Earn Free MTN Points On MTN Pulse 2021
MTN point offer has been something that most of the people have been playing for quite a long time which the point can be used and transformed into a data plan bundle  or airtime using the mtn pulse tarrif package . The point is giving out without spending a dime via following of some project.

This mtn pulse point has been available now for a short period of time and which most of the people don’t recognize about or perhaps  some people knew anout this but they don’t recognise how they are able to earn the free mtn point.

by way of following the steps below had to be taken with a purpose to lead them to earn free mtn points for we're approximately to share the concept with you guy on how you could get your own point for free.

How to Earn free points On Mtn Pulse tariff plan package

Yes, we name it mtn pulse point due to the fact this will simplest be achieved by using mtn pulse.

customers most effective and it’s stated that the point may be gotten or gathered by using shopping on airtime from customers on mtn pulse.

Now are going to look at the main part of this article which of the process needed to be taken so that you can be able to earn your own free mtn point.

Requirements To Get Free Mtn Pulse Points.

In case you aren't on mtn pulse is recommended or you should migrate to the plan earlier than you could partake in this offer.Dial the code *406#  migrate to mtn pulse with 0.0k while you are migrating for the primary time.

And when you have now not modified your tariff plan for 30 days to the time you are about to perform this technique.Once the migration is a hit, you'll be given a few factors for migrating to mtn pulse.

The point can be used to buy data plan right away and it’s used to accept to new What to do to earn greater unlimited mtn points is to preserve buying data plans that variety from  upwards.

With every data plan you buy will earn you points and 1 point is equal to N1. So if you have one thousand points you have got N1000  that may be used to buy data or airtime.

Your point eligibility may be check using the code *406*7# after you get the point which you want then you could use it to do what you need.

The first alternative you will see when you dial the above code is to check your balance. 

And the opposite alternative that's option two is used to purchase or redeem the point you earn.
Airtel 20X: Get N2000 For Just N100 Recharge On Airtel

Airtel 20X: Get N2000 For Just N100 Recharge On Airtel

Airtel 20X: Get N2000 For Just N100 Recharge On Airtel

Few weeks ago, we discovered the 9mobile, Glo, and MTN free browsing but there have not been point out of Airtel free browsing, so we are bringing some thing extraordinary this time, the 20x recharge package deal provide from the telecom 

This big offer from Airtel Nigeria has been round since few months back, this new offer is to be had for Airtel users who rarely use their SIM, or are just joining the network. Or you operate your SIM but don’t frequently recharge.

It’s seems We’ve written a piece of articles like this earlier and we're bringing it to your note again so that you can gain one or two thing from it while it lasts.

Airtel 20x recharge offer

Airtel 20x recharge gives you extraordinarily mouth-watering bonuses that you may use to name your family, own family, and buddies on any network. With N100, you’ll get N2000. The higher your recharge, the better the bonuses you’ll get.

As an instance;

  1. N100 recharge will come up with N2000 bonus airtime
  2. N200 recharge will provide you with N4000 bonus airtime
  3. N300 recharge will give you N6000 bonus airtime
  4. N500 recharge will come up with N10,000 bonus airtime and
  5. N1000 recharge will provide you with N20,000 bonus airtime


How Do i get this 20x Offer From Airtel?

You may spark off the Airtel 20X bonus provide with the aid of dialing the subscription menu or direct subscription codes seen underneath; Dial *241# and pick your alternatives or;

  • N100 –> Dial *241*100#
  • N200 –> Dial *241*200#
  • N300 –> Dial *241*300#
  • N500 –> Dial *241*500#

What bonus will I experience on Airtel 20X offer?

Solution: 20 instances bonus on your chosen package deal.

How Long will This offer last?

You could preserve to enjoy the offer for 30 days.

Can i experience this offer more than one times?

Yes, you should buy this provide more than one instances inside 30 days from the date of first buy.

How long is my 20x Bundle valid for?

Your 20x bundle is legitimate for 30 days best.

How can i test my eligibility?

Truly dial *123# to check your package balance.

Boom Nigeria Introduces Christmas Giveaway For Three Lucky Fans with Amazing Prizes

Boom Nigeria Introduces Christmas Giveaway For Three Lucky Fans with Amazing Prizes

Boom Nigeria Introduces Christmas Giveaway For Three Lucky Fans with Amazing Prizes

This year Christmas comes early for you and this time you stand a chance of winning a visit from Buzz Santa, cash, a bag of rice, and a bottle of oil. All you have to do to win is: 

A. Tell us why do you want Buzz Santa to visit you?

B. Share a song that describes your mood using the hashtag #BuzzChristmasMood every day of December in the buzz section on the Boomplay app or you will be out of the challenge.

C. Invite five friends from social media to go on the Buzz section of the App to participate.

D. The top three highest engaging comments will get gifts stated above.

Prizes To Be Given:

1st position - A visit from Santa, 15k cash, A big bag of rice and oil.

2nd position - A bag of rice, a Boomplay shirt, and 10k cash.

3rd position - A bottle of vegetable oil, a Boomplay shirt, and 5k cash.Note: The winner must be based in Lagos or must have someone to receive on behalf of you in Lagos. The campaign ends on the 18th of December. Users who have won giveaways in the past six months are excluded. Good luck guys!

For more details about the giveaway by Boom Nigeria visit the below Link

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